The word graffiti is basically used to refer to a form of art that involves making of images, scrawls, scratches or painting letters on surfaces in various ways. It has been in existence for years. The use of graffiti has sparked debate from two camps. It is regarded both as unsightly and unwanted by critics who claim that defacing anything under the pretext of graffiti is simply a form of vandalism while its supporters claim that it is a worthy way of displaying their messages. IntroductionGraffiti traces its history to the ancient Greece and the Roman Emperor. It has since evolved from a simple scratch to the modern spray paints and markers. Graffiti has been used to pass social and political messages for quite along time. But though used as such, it still remains an illegal practice in most countries in the world. This has led to a lot of protests and debates from simple artists and scholars alike on whether to legalize it or not. Questions on the safety of the society with legalized graffiti form headlines in such debates.

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